Website Development

Your website is the face of your company, we will make sure you make the right choice.

Choose Your Website

Which one suits your business?

Template website

We design your website from a theme of your choice to your specifications.

Customised Website

For businesses with a large user base and complicated functionalities.

e-commerce website

Start selling your products online and generate brand awareness.

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Responsive Themes

Hundreds of industry specific themes for you to choose from!

Template Website

With hundreds of customisable themes for your business to select from, we cover all industries of any scale. Our websites are flexible and responsive, tailor-made to your specifications and branding strategies.

Customised Website

Not all websites can be built with templates only. Some businesses require complicated functions such as live graph display (online trading platform). Regardless of the complexity, our 30 years of IT industry experience will handle your requests!

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Clean Codes

No one likes buggy website. We can add any customised functionality upon request.

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Zero Commission

No one likes surprises in business, so do we.

E-Commerce website

Everybody knows about Shopify or WIX, but not everyone knows that they charge a hefty commission (2.9% + flat $0.3 USD) upon every transactions. This adds up to a high cash loss if your product sells well in the market. At Desdux, we build customised E-Commerce Website that charges no commission because we respect people's hard-earned cash.