Social Media Marketing

Social Media & Content Marketing

Support your online presence by implementing digital marketing strategies through social media. Connect with your consumers and promote your brand story to the wider community.

Facebook & Instagram

Optimised ad management, content creation & customer engagement

WeChat Marketing

One of the best way to target the Chinese demographic in Australia

Media Buying

Get your word out there to over 1.2M Chinese Australians through media!

Trading – 6
Professional Management

Quality content creation & optimised ad management

Facebook & Instagram Management

We run your social media accounts all in line with your digital marketing strategies. Great for building relationships with your clients and to build brand loyalty.


WeChat marketing

A very important yet underrated platform to target local Chinese consumers. This service includes official account creation as well as platform management of content creation, responding to enquiries and publishing articles.

Chinese Australians
Purchase Power
Trading – 5-min
Optimised Campaign

Maximise your reach with the allocated funds!

Trading – 4-min
Maximise Exposure

The market of 1.2M Chinese Australians waiting for you

Media Buying

Placing an advertisement on banners, the opening screen of an app or when videos are paused. A well-placed ad can increase exposure to your brand and put your marketing message in a unique position to be noticed and engaged with.

Cost Efficient