IT Business System

In the current epidemic, more and more people choose to work from home, and internal company information needs to be shared and managed in an orderly manner. Cloud services can easily solve remote collaborative office problems. According to your business characteristics, we will implement the following cloud collaboration and sharing solutions for you.

Our Scopes

Whether you’re setting up a new office or implementing an IT system, we are here to help.

Enterprise Cloud

Upload large files, provide remote collaborative office solutions.


Glitches, virus or any hardware problems? Desdux is here for you!

IT System Establishment

WI-FI set up, Windows System installation, equipment set up etc.

Fast and Efficient

Unlike Google Drive or Dropbox, Private cloud is much faster!

NAS Private Cloud Solutions

Purchase professional NAS equipment, large capacity, fast speed, and various forms. Suitable for large data volume and high-speed applications, such as photography studios, VLog video studios, 3D design studios, etc.

The advantages are: fast speed, large capacity, simultaneous access by more people, safe and secure local data, low cost of continuous use, and diverse service forms to meet the needs of different occasions;

Suitable for
All Businesses
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IT Maintenance

We will visit your venue and diagnosis any problems. The home visiting cost is $50 regardless of location, then we charge $120/hr.

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professional maintainence

We can detect any sort of problems and offer you solutions for them.


IT System Establishment

Whether you're a new business or an existing business looking for technical upgrades, we are the man that you're looking for! Recommend the most suitable and cost-effective IT system solution according to the characteristics of your office, including system topology design, equipment procurement, deployment, and implementation.