About Us

The Desdux dream team showcases the skills of; Software developers, I.T specialists, Marketers, and E-commerce experts.


Our Mission at desdux

Our mission at Desdux is to turn your dreams and visions for your business into a tangible and viable success. We have worked with many different software tools, as well as the current meta ‘build it yourself websites’, and we all felt they were missing a personal touch.

We here at Desdux deliver that same easy going customisation of a ‘build it yourself website’, but with the guidance and vision only found here with our professionals. 

what we believe

At Desdux we belive in letting our actions do the talking for us. Which is why we strive to not only deliver quality services and advice for all level of clients, but also to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of of website, software and Social media design & development. 

We believe success comes from hard work, a solid team, a creative mindset, coupled with fair and ethical working foundations.

Our Brand Story

Whether you’re a small business or a corporate venture, Desdux is here to provide you quality services with a quick turn around time. We believe that every business needs a solid digital foundation to strive for success. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and lead many projects across the world with my 25 years of experience. They have been so educational and have given me lots of insights, but at one point, I realised I missed the smaller things that I loved in entrepreneurship. And that is the passion and drive, getting to know the people who are lit with motivation for their dreams. This is where Desdux comes in, which strives to give a tailored, personable service to your products. We don’t believe the automated technology of DIY websites have the heart and soul to build a website that is both intelligent in its digital persuasion that would connect genuinely with your target audiences. But together, we can build something great that delivers your visions into a reality.

Some of our fortune 500 clients

We have developed hundreds of software for The Fortune 500 companies. We treat all our clients with care and dedication, regardless of the business size.